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Clogged drains happen to everyone, and they are  not fun. If the drain is completely blocked, the bathtub, shower, sink  or toilet become full of water. At this point, the offending blockage  must be removed through all that built up water and chances are that  the homeowner will not be able to clear it using household remedies or  drain products. Once you call a professional plumber in, you'll be  looking at a hefty expense. The more stubborn the blockage in your  drain is, the higher the cost can be. If you have multiple clogged  drains in your home at any given time, you will wish you had taken the  precaution to preventively have your drains inspected.


How Do Clogged Drains Happen?

Carelessness  is the number one cause of clogged drains. Kitchen sink drain clogs can  take place when you don't use the drain strainer to catch particles of  food and rubbish from falling through the drain into the pipes. A  buildup of these particles can easily clog the drain. To make matters  worse, cooking grease and/or oil can build up in the pipes (or on a  developing clog). In the toilet, the flushing of excessive toilet paper  is the main culprit. Flushing items not intended for the toilet is also  a main cause of clogged toilet drains. Items such as baby wipes, paper  towels, and sanitary napkins can singularly or over time cause a  stoppage. Bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs can become clogged when  hair gets caught in the pipes and builds up. Items such as shampoos,  soaps, toothpaste, hair gel, exacerbate the problem as they produce a  build up that further adds to the blockage.

Unfortunately, clogs  can occur as a result of problems that have nothing to do with what you  put into your drains. Scale, tree roots, deterioration of pipes that  are rusted and crushed drain lines have also been known to cause  plumbing problems.

Drain Clog Remedies

You can attempt to  clear clogged drains yourself by using acids or other chemical products  designed for this purpose. These chemicals, however, can actually be  harmful to your pipes, your fixtures, your health and the environment.  Luckily, there are also natural methods of clearing drain blockages.  One such method involves running boiling water through the drains on a  regular basis. Another method employs baking soda and vinegar. Simply  pour vinegar into the clogged drain, and then sprinkle it liberally  with baking soda. Let the mixture sit in the drain for at least 15  minutes, then pour boiling water over it to rinse and hopefully wash the blockage away.

Inspect and Prevent Instead

The plumbing  system in your home is just like any automobile, machine, or tool. It  is a system that requires routine examination and maintenance. You can  be vigilant about what's going on with your drains and pipes and  perform part of the inspection yourself, as you are most familiar with  how the drains behave. In order to truly avoid the hassle and expense  of seriously clogged drains you must have all of your household drains  inspected on a regular basis by a qualified plumber. As a preventative  measure, you should also have a plumbing technician snake all of your  drain lines once a year or so. If you experience drain clogs very often  or your pipes are susceptible to blockages, you may wish to have your  drain lines snaked more often. The major drain connections should  periodically be subjected to your Municipalities video inspections.

It is very  important to have your drains inspected by a Plumbig Company on a regular basis to prevent  problems that can be not only expensive, but also very annoying! So, "DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN. GIVE US A CALL" or schedule online now at                281-333-0733 or 281-480-0733.... You'll be glad you did!


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